1957 Vespa Ape 150cc

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last updated 12/14/98

My 1957 Vespa Ape 150cc
1957 Vespa Ape
  This is one of the newer pictures of the Ape. Here is a back view of the fine machine with the top off of the
     cab. I removed this to make it easier to work on the engine and the rust floor on the inside.
  Here is the frontal view of the picture above. Notice the Piaggio emblem in the middle of the front of the
    Ape. It is a Company standard on all Vespa equipment.
  This was the very first picture of my Vespa Ape when I purchased it from Donald Blakeslee in Olean, NY.
    The Ape sat for 15 years outside and uncovered in the harsh western New York winters.
  As you can tell by this picture, being uncovered didn't do the Ape any favors. The inside is rusty and there
    are several holes in the floor. Hopefully, this will be able to be repaired and new sheet metal will be
    welded into place.

  Here is a side view of the Ape with the top off.

  In January 1997, I sold the Ape to a great Pal of mine, Max Hall (Check out his great scooter
    page HERE), up in Boston. He and his wife came down to pick it up because he was going to
    restore it. He kept it for about ten months and them traded me back for a Cushman Truckster
    and a Fuji Rabbit 150 Touring.