1974 Vespa Rally 200

Rally 200

The 200 Rally (VSE1) was introduced in 1973 and was the top of the line model of the 70s, with major improvements such as the electronic ignition. There was briefly a 180 cc model (VSD1). The spare tire disapeared under the left hood and the space behind the windshield was now used for a glove compartment. Later models even sported an ignition switch in the head light (reminiscent of the 150 GS).

Some stats:

-193 ccm
-compression 8.2:1
-12 hp @ 5700 rpm (early models 9.8 hp @ 5700 rpm)
-4 speeds (13.42:1, 9.13:1, 6.32:1, 4.71:1)
-8.5l tank
-max speed 101 km/h
-110 kg




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