1958 Goggomobil T400 "Limousine"

Below is some verbaige my good friend Roger, who was nice enough to accompany me to get this gem, wrote upon our return...

"Mark enlisted my assistance in retrieving his latest acquisition this morning. About an hour away in an old barn buried deep behind storm windows, tables, doors, toys, buckets of junk, not one -- not two -- but THREE! old refrigerators, behind two rototillers, behind an old lawn tractor, behind a big farm tractor, and ALSO behind a 1965ish MG,.. was

A 1958 Goggomobil!

I'm certain I forgot some of the crap we had to move.

Funniest line of the day was when the owners son looked down and said in the brightest happy voice "Oh there's checkers!". So I kind of ignored it and kept working... A few minutes later when I was back to the area he was at when he said it, I looked down expecting to find a beloved child's toy like a clown or a stuffed bear. Instead... A mummified dead cat!

Interesting history: These cars were made in Dingolfing, Germany,.. Site of the largest BMW plant today. They've come quite a ways in 50 years.

It was quite a morning. "

dirty barn

goggo in the dirty barn

on the trailer




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